About Us

About Groundwork

We’re passionate about creating a future where everywhere is vibrant and green, every community is strong and able to shape its own destiny and where everyone can reach their potential.

The community charity with a green heart

Groundwork began as a simple idea: if communities help the environment, the environment will help communities.

This is still our approach today. By bringing people and the environment together with practical local action, we have an impact that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Every year we help communities through thousands of these projects across the UK. Projects that include:

  • Tackling climate change by helping people out of fuel poverty,
  • Bringing out the best in young people by helping them to improve their local area,
  • Building stronger communities by improving parks, playgrounds and other shared green spaces,
  • Getting people back into work by creating green jobs
  • and many more.


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About the Sylvia Adams charitable trust

Establishing the trust

The Sylvia Adams Charitable Trust, registered charity, number 1050678, was founded in 1996 in line with Miss Adams’ stated wishes, and was endowed with the money from the sale of her personal collection of antiques and works of art.

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