Favourite How? – Collect sticks, large leaves and logs, and make your own music band.  Do different items make different sounds?  Try – Making up a beat and seeing if your friends/family can copy and play it back to you.… Read More

Favourite How? – Use sticks and leaves to create a secret path for your family/friends to follow.  Can they follow your trail to the end? Try – Making footprint tracks to be followed – you could always draw them in the mud with a stick if you need to.… Read More

Favourite How? – Collect different natural materials and mix them in a cup – give them a good mix each time you put something in by using a strong stirring stick.  If yours doesn’t smell very much, add a drop of water and see if that makes a difference. Try – Have a competition to… Read More

Favourite How? – Can you spot any signs of animals?  Keep an eye out for spiders webs, feathers, holes, nests, nibbled things and footprints.          Try – Have a go at minibeast hunting – look under leaves, in the cracks on the trees and under logs for creepy crawlies hiding in the dark. … Read More

Favourite How? – Look around the park or woodland, choose a tree as the base for your den.  This could be a large straight trunk, or a tree with a strong low branch at an angle.              Gather different sized sticks together and lean them against the tree trunk or… Read More

Favourite How? – Find some mud and make smiley faces on the trees.  You could decorate them with seeds, leaves, feathers, etc. Try – If it is too dry and there isn’t any mud, use some air drying clay instead. Watch our video where Carolyn shows you how to make your own funny muddy faces! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMlsAWlAu_Y  Note:… Read More