Favourite How? – It’s exciting to go out for a walk on a foggy morning. Take a stroll in the park and see what you can see. Can you see the tops of the trees or have they disappeared in the fog?             Try – Buy some coloured paper and… Read More

Favourite How? – If it’s a frosty day, go outside and look for frost on leaves and ice on puddles. Look at the footprints you leave behind in the frosty grass.      Try – Touch the leaves or breathe on them and see how quickly the frost melts.   Did you know? – Frost… Read More

Favourite How? – When you’re playing in the park or in the playground, spot an object in the distance such as a tree or swing. Run to the object, tag it and run back again. Try – Have a competition to see who can get there and back again the fastest.… Read More

Favourite How? – Look for shapes in the world around you. Try to spot a square, circle, triangle and rectangle. Windows, doors, roundabouts, roofs, wheels and drains are all good things to spot. Try – Draw the shapes on a piece of paper before you set off. Tick the shapes off as you find them.… Read More

Favourite How? – Secretly pick up a small object and hide it in your hands. Everyone takes it in turns to guess what you’re hiding. Try – Try asking questions like ‘is it green?’ or ‘is it soft?’ to work out what the object is. Did you know? – Squirrels and jays like to hide… Read More

Favourite How? – Decide who is the rabbit and who is the fox. The rabbit has to tip toe behind the fox as quietly as possible. If the fox hears you he turns around and growls loudly, then tries to catch you.     Try – Change roles and be the owl and the mouse… Read More

Favourite How? – Take a box outside and hunt for treasure. Fill the box with shiny pebbles, seeds, feathers or pretty leaves. Talk about how valuable your treasure is to King crow and Queen magpie.     Try – Make some simple silver coins from foil and hide them outside. See who can find the… Read More

Favourite How? – As you walk along say ‘stop, spin, point’. Whatever you point at you have to make up a story about it. Try – Take it in turns to point and add a new part to the story. Did you know? – Making up stories outside is good for both our body and brain.… Read More

Favourite How? – Go for a walk and find something smooth, spikey, rough, bumpy, soft, hard, warm, cold, wet, dry.   Try – Write these words or symbols on a piece of paper before you begin and then tick them off as you go along. Did you know? – Our senses include seeing, smelling, touching,… Read More

Favourite How? – Hunt for sticky burrs, dandelion clocks, acorns, conkers, sycamore seeds, fruit pips, tomato seeds, grass seeds and pine cone seeds. Try – Collect the seeds in a pot and make a picture with them once you get home. Did you know? – Seeds try to travel away from the plant. They spread… Read More