Favourite How? – Collect sticks, large leaves and logs, and make your own music band.  Do different items make different sounds?  Try – Making up a beat and seeing if your friends/family can copy and play it back to you.… Read More

Favourite How? – Use sticks and leaves to create a secret path for your family/friends to follow.  Can they follow your trail to the end? Try – Making footprint tracks to be followed – you could always draw them in the mud with a stick if you need to.… Read More

Favourite How? – Collect different natural materials and mix them in a cup – give them a good mix each time you put something in by using a strong stirring stick.  If yours doesn’t smell very much, add a drop of water and see if that makes a difference. Try – Have a competition to… Read More

Favourite How? – Can you spot any signs of animals?  Keep an eye out for spiders webs, feathers, holes, nests, nibbled things and footprints.          Try – Have a go at minibeast hunting – look under leaves, in the cracks on the trees and under logs for creepy crawlies hiding in the dark. … Read More

Favourite How? – Look around the park or woodland, choose a tree as the base for your den.  This could be a large straight trunk, or a tree with a strong low branch at an angle.              Gather different sized sticks together and lean them against the tree trunk or… Read More

Favourite How? – Find some mud and make smiley faces on the trees.  You could decorate them with seeds, leaves, feathers, etc. Try – If it is too dry and there isn’t any mud, use some air drying clay instead. Watch our video where Carolyn shows you how to make your own funny muddy faces! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMlsAWlAu_Y  Note:… Read More

Favourite How?  Collect 5 different types of natural items (e.g. something round, something soft, something brown, something long, something smooth, etc.).  Have you all collected the same things? Try – Once you have your collection, try and turn your items into the shape of an animal. Note: this activity can be done all year round!… Read More

Favourite How?  Take it in turns to wear a blindfold (or just cover your eyes), and carefully guide each other to a tree.  Feel the tree – is the bark rough and bumpy, or smooth?  Are there any holes or branches you can feel?  Can you get your arms all the way round it?  Lead… Read More

Favourite How? – It’s exciting to go out for a walk on a foggy morning. Take a stroll in the park and see what you can see. Can you see the tops of the trees or have they disappeared in the fog?     Try – Buy some coloured paper and white chalk and try… Read More

Favourite How? – If it’s a frosty day, go outside and look for frost on leaves and ice on puddles. Look at the footprints you leave behind in the frosty grass. Try – Touch the leaves or breathe on them and see how quickly the frost melts.   Did you know? – Frost is made… Read More